The Airpark

The airpark has 42 lots with 23 homes built.  Two more homes may start building this spring.  This is a gated community with a  community well.  The home owners association fee includes maintenance and any snow removal and water fee.   The airstrip is 3000 ft. and has a pilot control lighting.   All lots are between one and two acres.



 We request all pilots use radio procedures when flying in or out of Drycreek Airpark. Using frequency ( 123.3 )  the Common  Traffic Advisory Frequency to  keep all pilots aware of your position and intentions.  We request that you make  a call starting 10 miles out,  entering the traffic pattern and also on the ground your intentions.  If in doubt, radio procedure can be found in FAR/AIM  See Radio Communications Phraseology and Techniques.  
  This is a private airpark. You must have permission to land from a property  owner and obtain a procedure briefing to land.                            

                              REMEMBER  SAFTEY COMES FIRST